Logan Ryan Golema

Founder & CEO at Lunargistics

Logan’s Bio

Logan Ryan Golema is a forward-thinking innovator from Skaneateles, New York and is currently based in the Cayman Islands. Mr. Golema provides innovative digital solutions for platforms operating on the cutting edge of Blockchain technology. Golema is founder, CEO, and CTO at Lunargistics Corporation and the founder of The Interplanetary Fund Management Group. He leads three highly talented teams of developers and designers in delivering high performance applications to the forefront of the blockchain industry. In his spare time, he serves as an advisor to several other up and coming businesses and charity organizations. Most importantly he is building The IPFM which will solve many problems in regard to humanity’s transition in to a CisLunar Economy.

Mr. Golema has led a refreshingly unique life. From a young age Logan was interested in computers, technology, and crypto-currencies. Logan was 14 years old when the first Iphone was invented. His mother gave him two, one for him to use and one to break. From then on, his love for technology skyrocketed and propelled him to where he is today. Logan would hack into his school websites and insert goofy phrases into the code and change the color scheme. He never did anything with malicious intent, just for fun and to work on his skills. In his spare time, he would create computer games and other software applications. He was an extremely bright and talented young man and it showed. Despite this, having the ability to hack into school computers posed a threat and therefore his privilege to use them had to be revoked. That next semester he was the only kid in the first IOS Development course and was forced to use his own computer.

Logan Ryan Golema is well educated and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He is good hearted, down to earth, and filled with ambition. Mr. Golema attended Champlain College in Vermont where he studied Computer Programming and Computer Programming for AI development. He quickly realized that in order to achieve his future goals, a full 4 years of college would be a waste of time and money. He took courses that he felt could be applied to his dreams and those that piqued his interest. Though he did not complete a degree, Logan is a lifelong learner who embraces new challenges, knowledge, and connections. He has a positive attitude and an incredible work ethic. Those who have worked with him and know him personally have nothing but kind words to say. He treats people with respect and cares deeply about helping others. In addition to his studies he was active in several extracurricular activities. He was involved in snowboarding, fencing, dabbled in the music industry for a bit, and served in Environment Club at his college. In addition to propelling humanity into the space economy Sustainability and Environmental protection are one of Mr. Golema’s most profound passions.

While attending university he was an international art vendor for The Headspace, a company that offers visionary art wearable fashion made from recycled plastics. This has since taken off into virtual reality where people can own the same clothes in real life and in virtual life. Inspired by his work with The Headspace, a year later, he decided to establish LrGeometry where he made and sold his very own custom works of fine jewelry. LrGeometry is Golema’s creative outlet and hobby business.

While he was creating LrGeometry he worked as a stage production associate for Mind Eye Events where he built and tore down circus tents and stages and moved music equipment around events. This allowed Mr. Golema to create a wide network of friends within the music industry and gain new knowledge.

Logan has many role models in his life that keep him motivated. His mother and grandmother are two of the most inspiring. From them he learned strength, sacrifice, resiliency, and compassion. Other role models include public figures like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Logan is especially interested in the future that Musk and Bezos are building and is working on developing a platform that will assist humanity with their every need when it comes to living in the space age. This includes services that help individuals, businesses, and government agencies. His Interplanetary Fund Management Group is the umbrella agency that unites Lunargistics Corp., CisLunar Commodities Exchange Group LLC, Digitible NFT Inc., and the Empowering P.E.A.C.E. Foundation. These companies work together to inspire and drive business into the CisLunar Economy.

Space commercialization is an important emerging asset class that requires the application of private market investment techniques as well as an understanding of and the access to global defense markets. IPFM will curate a fund that consists of technologies and IP that provide accountability and attestation in space. The IPFMG is a global investment business that aims to inspire, engage, and curate new ideas and techniques to create long-term value for their investors through the careful stewardship of their capital. Lunargistics Corp utilizes Blockchain Technology to manage policy and mitigate risk for clients engaging in space economics with National Space Agencies. The CLCE Group LLC is designated for all financial exchange and derivative trading. Digitible NFT Inc.is going to be the one stop shop for human to machine interaction that will monitor human health and space suit maintenance. It will also provide virtual simulation training and design efficient and stylish space attire. The Empowering P.E.A.C.E. Foundation will empower people everywhere to achieve a celestial existence it will help educate people about the ramifications of space exploration. Together these businesses will operate to ensure human accountability in space.

Logan Ryan Golema created the IPFM Group because he is passionate about space exploration and wants to make sure that good ethics and organization are upheld as humanity ventures into a new era. He is a visionary gifted with incredible foresight. He and his team are set on a noble mission that will positively benefit humanity. Logan Ryan Golema has led an astounding life so far and will continue to accomplish his legendary dreams.


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