Cathy Lewis

CFO at Mailgun

Cathy Lewis is the CFO of Mailgun. Cathy has over three years of experience as a Sr. QA Digital Systems Engineer. Cathy has experience in developing the firmware for an ‘edge’ device that interfaces to the cloud, creating the test plans and test cases to verify newly implemented functionality works as defined. Additionally, they have experience in executing the integration and system level test cases. Cathy is also experienced in identifying and documenting issues found during testing, working with firmware developers to reproduce, troubleshoot and resolve the identified issues. Furthermore, they have experience in assisting in troubleshooting issues with customer units in the field and documenting any issues in the field that are determined to be firmware issues. Moreover, they have experience in verifying changes/fixes to the firmware that were implemented to address internally identified or customer identified firmware issues. Cathy has also worked with the product owner to prioritize issues identified through testing or identified while in use by customers. In addition, they have experience in developing and documenting processes utilized by the firmware team and product owners to manage products in the field. Lastly, they have participated in Sprint reviews and demoed new functionality during the review (as appropriate).

Cathy Lewis has a Master's in Biomedical Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor's in Engineering from Marquette University.

They are on a team with Nicole Jacobson - VP, Marketing, Nicole Morello - VP, People Operations, and Mike Camp - VP, Strategic Sales. Their manager is Will Conway, CEO.


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