David Goodspeed

Director, Marketing & Communications at Matrix Medical Network

David Goodspeed has a diverse work experience spanning over several positions in various companies. David began their career at Sterling Magazines as an Editor, where they managed an editorial and art staff and was responsible for all decisions regarding editorial policy and content. David then moved on to work at NCPDP as the Director of Communications, where they served as the primary contact for all communications and managed organization operations. David then joined HIBCC as the Communications Director, coordinating all communications on behalf of the healthcare organizations. David later worked at Axia/HCD as the Director of Corporate Communications, coordinating field communications activities and supporting business objectives through various communications and public relations programs. David also held the role of Director, Colleague Communications & Learning at Healthways, where they coordinated corporate colleague events and developed plans to drive and support the organization's communication goals. David served as the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Social Service Coordinators (SSC), where they developed and implemented an annual strategic communications plan and successfully launched a new corporate image and enhanced web presence. At Healthways, David served as the Manager of Media Relations/Communications, coordinating all communications activities and opportunities in over 40 client markets. David then moved on to NCPDP, overseeing educational programs and being heavily involved in communications and marketing efforts. Finally, David is currently working at Matrix Medical Network as the Director of Marketing & Communications, responsible for building and executing comprehensive marketing plans and leading the creation and development of integrated cross-channel marketing campaigns.

David Goodspeed attended Adelphi University from 1979 to 1983, where they earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature.



  • Director, Marketing & Communications

    November, 2016 - present

  • Director, Member Engagement

    November, 2012