Distributed Systems Engineer

Engineering · Full-time · Los Angeles, United States

Mav Farm is looking for a passionate and experienced distributed systems engineer to help develop, build and deploy a soon-to-be launched blockchain for a decentralized app and cryptocurrency. This role will work with our back-end engineers and distributed systems experts to implement a new blockchain architecture suitable for Mav Farm, by decreasing transaction time and cost for the Mav Farm ecosystem. This role is ideal for engineers who are experts in peer-to-peer protocol development, familiar with the bitcoin blockchain, and keen to build a clean-slate system from the ground up.


  • Research, strategize and educate on methodology and best practices for blockchain design, implementation, and deployment
  • Collaborate with a team and open source community to build and implement a blockchain for Mav Farm
  • Instate monitoring systems for the blockchain’s health
  • Help design, implement, and monitor one or more testnets
  • Implement rigorous and thorough testing practices to ensure the security and performance goals of blockchain infrastructure
  • Deliver upon goals for blockchain architecture and development for Mav Farm
  • Provide key features to be used across the Mav Farm ecosystem including: decreased transaction times and costs, programmable payment and name management systems, hybrid on-chain/off-chain programming models, protocols for enacting soft forks, deployment and monitor one or more blockchain testnets
  • Design and implementation of supporting tools and utilities, such as: a CLI client for the blockchain, a Web client for the blockchain, monitoring utilities, debugging utilities, facilities for checking and analyzing transactions, tools for exploring the blockchain


  • You have worked with a founding team building a blockchain, are an expert in decentralized solutions, and are passionate about our mission of building a new decentralized internet.
  • Expert knowledge of peer-to-peer distributed system design and implementation, including familiarity with state-of-the-art academic literature on the subject and practical knowledge on engineering successful peer-to-peer systems.
  • Experience in the low-level implementation and protocol details of a widely-deployed public blockchain
  • Strong Linux engineering background required
  • Ability to build and maintain highly available infrastructure
  • Competency in monitoring and quick response time in the event of an emergency
  • Strong background in security-oriented system design, with a focus on applied cryptography
  • Must be able to identify and defend against plausible protocol-level and network-level attacks on the system.
  • Experience deploying Bitcoin infrastructure, like UTXO providers and block explorers
  • Strong problem solving skills, ability to think fast and thoroughly
  • Excellent communication


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