Mazda Motor Corporation


Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japan-based company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of automobiles and automobile parts. The Company operates through four business segments, including Japan, North America, Europe and the Others.






Org chart

Masahiro Moro
President & CEO

Masahiro Moro

Martijn ten Brink
President & CEO, Mazda Motor Europe
Takuji Iwashita
President & CEO, Mazda Motor Manufacturing de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Takeshi Nishiki
Chief Financial Officer
Akihiro Kidani
Managing Executive Officer & CIO
Takeji Kojima
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer & CSO
Jeffrey H. Guyton
Senior Managing Executive Officer & President, Mazda North American Operations
Ichiro Hirose
Senior Managing Executive Officer, R&D and Cost Innovation
Hiroshi Inoue
Managing Executive Officer, Asia & Oceania and New Emerging Markets & President, Mazda South East Asia Ltd.
Ikuo Maeda
Managing Executive Officer, Design and Brand Style
Yasuhiro Aoyama
Senior Managing Executive Officer, Global Marketing, Sales & Customer Service
Makoto Yoshihara
Managing Executive Officer, Global Auditing, CSR, Environment, Secretariat, Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
Kiyoshi Fujiwara
Representative Director & Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales and Customer Service
Takeshi Mukai
Senior Managing Executive Officer, Global Purchasing, Global Production, Global Business Logistics and Cost Innovation
Yasutake Tsuchida
Senior Director of Design
Kazuyoshi Todou
General Manager, Domestic Business Div.
Kazuhiko Sumi
General Manager, Purchasing Div.
Osamu Kawamura
Managing Executive Officer
Hironori Tanaka
Managing Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Matsumoto
Managing Executive Officer
Tetsuya Fujimoto
Managing Executive Officer, Financial Services and Corporate Planning & Development
Takakazu Ishimura
Managing Executive Officer
Mitsunobu Mukaida
Executive Officer
Noriyuki Takimura
Executive Officer
Michihiro Imada
Executive Officer
Ryuichi Umeshita
Executive Officer
Toru Nakajima
Executive Officer
Eiji Nakai
Executive Officer
Taketo Hironaka
Executive Officer
Naohito Saga
Executive Officer
Tomiko Takeuchi
Executive Officer
Katsunori Miyawaki
Executive Officer