Engineering Manager

Engineering · Full-time · San Francisco, United States

About Middesk

Middesk's mission is to accelerate the economy by scaling trust between businesses. We believe that if we can make it easy for a business to access financial products, hire new employees, and transact with other businesses, that we increase the odds of success for that business to contribute to its community and the broader economy.

Our Identity product provides accurate, complete information that financial services companies need to make efficient onboarding decisions. Our Agent product makes it easy for employers to file with the state and federal agencies needed to establish their business across the country. Our customers include Affirm, Brex, Plaid, Mercury, Divvy, Rippling, Gusto, and others.

Based in San Francisco and NYC, Middesk is backed by Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, and Y Combinator.

The role

  • Engineering Managers help bind Engineering to business objectives. They’re responsible for increasing the probability that good customer outcomes are unlocked as we build and maintain software.

  • Yes, “customer outcomes.” Good customer outcomes happen when we hold engineers accountable to unlocking customer value, not just shipping code.

  • Engineering Managers help people achieve career objectives by A) understanding them, and B) marrying them with opportunities. And they must balance this with what the business needs too. Often, when the two collide, there’s a difficult, human conversation to be had. Engineering Managers are good at this.

  • Engineering Managers also understand technology really well; specifically system design. When people on their team have ideas or proposals, Engineering Managers can have fruitful jam sessions on the topic and add value, often by posing questions that push people to think differently about the problem at hand.

  • Engineering management is a thankless, servant-oriented job. They don’t get credit when things go well (individuals do), and they receive blame when things go poorly. Engineering managers achieve through others, and must derive a sense of accomplishment when they see their teams do well.

  • Engineering managers are also not paid more than ICs. This isn’t a role people get into because it's a more lucrative career path to being heads down and coding; not at Middesk anyway.

  • Candidates we want are people who get all of this and still want the job.

Our open roles We're looking for an Engineering Manager of managers for our Identity product and we're looking for another Engineering Manager for our Foundation Engineering team.


This is Middesk's Core product. We're growing the Identity Engineering team from 5 to 12 during the first half of 2022. This person will have one Engineering Manager report to them and several ICs. And we think hiring for this team will stay on the same trajectory in the second half of the year; we'll need your help with the hiring process! You'll report to the Head of Engineering.

What you'll achieve

  1. Organizing the team to set technical direction for Identity.

  2. Working closely with Product Management and Design to establish process and product direction, including quarterly OKRs.

3, Balancing demands for operational completeness with those for business growth.

  1. Helping people on your team grow in their careers.

  2. Hiring. Hiring. Hiring.

  3. Hiring. Hiring.

  4. Hiring.

Foundation Engineering Think of this as "engineering for engineers." DevOps, Security Engineering, Data Engineering, SRE, and MLOps all sit within our Foundation Engineering org. Its charter is to define, build, maintain, and secure primitives that help Product Engineering and Data Science deliver value for our customers even faster. We're looking for our first Engineering Manager for this team.

What you'll achieve

  1. Organizing the team to set technical direction Foundation.

  2. Aligning Data Engineering with Product Engineering.

  3. Being glue for execution (e.g. organizing cycle planning, standups, retros).

  4. Helping people on your team grow in their careers.

  5. Hiring. Hiring. Hiring.

Why you'll love it here

  • Customer First: We stay energized by solving real customer problems and make each interaction meaningful and embrace the challenging path to help our customers succeed.

  • Be an owner: We identify and tackle problems, take pride in our work, and measure impact. When we find an opportunity to improve the status quo, take it on!

  • Act with urgency and purpose: We move quickly and simplify things as we go. We solve the problems that we have today in ways that allow us to move even faster in the future.

  • Drive results together: We choose teamwork. We share our opinions, ask questions, understand where others are coming from, and move forward as a unified front.

  • Embrace the journey: We dream big and are open to taking risks. Innovation happens through optimism, positivity, rigorous thinking, and hard work.

Middesk is committed to equal treatment and opportunity in all aspects of recruitment, selection, and employment without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, veteran or military status, or any other category protected under the law. As an equal opportunity employer; we’re committed to a community of inclusion, and an environment free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

We are committed to providing a positive interview experience for every candidate. If any accommodations are needed during the interview process, please let us know by contacting