Shilpen Patel

Executive Medical Director at Mirati Therapeutics

Shilpen Patel, MD FACRO FASTRO has extensive work experience in various roles within the healthcare industry. Shilpen is currently the Executive Medical Director at Mirati Therapeutics. In this role, they oversee medical operations and provides strategic direction.

Previously, Dr. Patel worked as a Radiation Oncologist at Sutter Health/Good Samaritan Hospital, where they specialized in using radiation therapy to treat cancer patients. Shilpen also served as an Associate Professor of Global Health/Radiation Oncology at the University of Washington. During their time there, Dr. Patel developed and implemented treatment and care programs, mentored medical students and junior faculty, and published numerous articles and book chapters.

Dr. Patel has also held leadership positions at Gilead Sciences and Roche. At Gilead Sciences, they served as the Executive Medical Director-Global Medical Affairs, leading strategic planning and overseeing a team of professionals. At Roche, they worked as the Principal Medical Director and Lead Medical Director, focusing on clinical research compliance, patient enrollment in clinical trials, and drug filing processes.

In addition, Dr. Patel has experience in product development and clinical study design. Shilpen worked as a Medical Director at GRAIL, Inc., where they led the development of the Galleri blood-only cancer screening test and collaborated with clinical sites to enroll participants for the project.

Earlier in their career, Dr. Patel was the Director for Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program at the Foundation for Health Care Quality. Here, they collected and analyzed data to improve quality of care and implemented protocols that led to a decline in hospital readmission rates.

Overall, Dr. Shilpen Patel has a wealth of experience in various aspects of healthcare, including radiation oncology, medical affairs, clinical research, and quality improvement.

Shilpen Patel, MD FACRO FASTRO completed their Residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Shilpen also completed their Internship at the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Patel obtained their MD degree from The University of Texas Medical Branch. Shilpen holds a BS degree in Biology, Political Science, and Chemistry from Houston Christian University.


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    December, 2023 - present