Monta is an all-in-one EV charging app made by EV drivers, for EV drivers. As the EV market worldwide is experiencing an unstoppable growth, we want to provide all electric car drivers with the best and smoothest charging experience. In order to support this green and global change, Monta is work... Read more





Org chart

Casper Rasmussen

Sune Thomsen
Head of Product
Christian Weinberger
VP Engineering
Mads Zeneli
Special Projects

Behind the scenes


Tech driven

By picking the technical solution every time, it's possible to prioritize the digitalization of the charging process. As features evolve, we want to stay one step ahead and win over the public.

Green transformation

The mobility industry is going through a huge green wave, and our founders have made a pledge to make Monta a carbon neutral company, without sacrificing running a successful business.

Trust & transparency

This goes both ways - we want our employees to talk to us openly about what can change their performance at the job. Employees have personal responsibility, but we also promise sharing information openly - such as salaries and benefits of other employees.

Output led work

People have different priorities in different stages of their life and career, and culture adapts to the different needs people have. We want our employees to be happy with their lives, so we don't look at times and hours put in, but the quality of output.