Morning Consult


Morning Consult is a global decision intelligence company changing how modern leaders make smarter, faster, better decisions. The company pairs its proprietary high-frequency data with applied artificial intelligence to better inform decisions on what people think and how they will act.






Org chart

Michael Ramlet
Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Ramlet

Kyle Dropp
Co-Founder & President
Zach Koerber
Chief Strategy Officer
Jeff Cartwright
Chief Growth Officer
Alexander Dulin
Co-Founder & CTO
John Leer
Chief Economist
Nathan Knight
Senior Director - Talent Management
Rahul Choudaha
Associate Vice President
Jessica Schneider
Chief Commercial Officer
David S. Mitchell
Chief Legal Officer
Farah Chowdhury
Managing Director Revenue Accounting
Libby Isenstein
Chief Product Officer
Herrman Taraporewalla
Global Account Director - Tech
John W.
Managing Director, Advanced Analytics
Kelsey Wensberg
Account Executive
Maggie Clapp (O'Neill)
Sr Account Executive
Patrick Rice
Global Account Executive
Ali Larrick
Managing Director Commercial
Eric Langer
Managing Director, Commercial
Macp Louisa Link
Business Development Manager
Katie Nishikawa
Global Account Executive (enterprise)
Alexander Crothers
Senior Account Executive
Chris Hopkins
Senior Account Executive
David Kannapel
Senior Account Executive
Scott Oby
Senior Account Executive