National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation supports research and education across all fields of science and technology, primarily through grants.





Org chart

Teresa Grancorvitz
CFO & Office Head, Budget, Finance & Award Management
Janis Coughlin-Piester
Office Head & CFO, Budget, Finance & Award Management
Dorothy Aronson
Chief Information Officer
Ona Hahs
Deputy General Counsel
Allison C. Lerner
Inspector General
Kendra Sharp
Office Head, International Science & Engineering
Wonzie L. Gardner
Office Head, Information & Resource Management
Sean L. Jones
Assistant Director, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Alexandra R. Isern
Assistant Director, Geosciences
Kellina M. Craig-Henderson
Acting Assistant Director, Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences
Margaret Martonosi
Assistant Director, Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering
Susan Margulies
Assistant Director, Engineering
Theresa Good
Acting Deputy Assistant Director, Biological Sciences
James L. Moore, III
Directorate for STEM Education
Sarah Williams
Acting Deputy Office Head, Office of Equity & Civil Rights
Brent Miller
Acting Deputy Office Head
Timothy Patten
Deputy Assistant Director
Simon Malcomber
Acting Deputy Assistant Director
Jason Bossie
Deputy Office Head, Finance & Award Management