NH Foods

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NH Foods Ltd. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the meat processing business. The Company operates in four business segments. The Processing segment produces and sells hams, sausages and other processed food. The Meat segment is engaged in the breeding of pigs, cattle and broilers, as well... Read more





Nobuhisa Ikawa
President & CEO

Nobuhisa Ikawa

Yukihiro Matsumoto
Managing Executive Officer
Fumio Maeda
GM, Corporate Planning Division and Research & Development Center
Keiji Maeda
GM, Sales Management & Processed Foods Business Division
Nobuo Oda
GM, Overseas Business Division
Hideki Fujii
GM, Americas, Operations Management & Overseas Business Division
Tadaaki Ito
GM, Administrative & Overseas Business Division
Takao Seki
GM, Sales & Logistics Operations & Fresh Meats Business Division
Shuichi Toda
GM, Imported Fresh Meats Sales Division
Shuichi Narumi
GM, Domestic Fresh Meats Sales Division
Hirohide Fujiwara
GM, Corporate Planning Department
Akio Wakita
GM, Domestic Fresh Meats Production Division
Yoshitaka Hasegawa
GM, Accounting & Finance Department
Toyotake Imon
GM, Domestic White Meat Division, Fresh Meats Business Division
Seiji Inatomi
Executive Officer
Nobuhiro Hosoya
Executive Officer
Yasuyuki Oishi
Executive Officer
Sakae Kishimoto
Executive Officer