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Nova Bus is part of the Volvo Buses, one of the world’s largest motorcoach and transit bus manufacturing groups. Nova Bus is a leading North American provider of sustainable transit solutions, including environmentally-friendly buses, high-capacity vehicles, and integrated intelligent transportation... Read more





Org chart

Paul Le Houillier

Didier Hoste
Senior Director, Product Engineering
Kris Trembecki
Chief Financial Officer
Christos Kritsidimas
Head Of Legal, Public Affairs And External Communications
Diana I.
Payroll Technician
P. Eng. Elie Ramy
Senior Director, Product And Customer Project Management
M. Sc. Jonathan Filion
Director Of Customer Project Management
Simon Cloutier
CAD Manager / Administrateur Solution CAO Et Outils De Conception
Christian Uhlrich
Production And Maintenance Manager
Clint McCool
Production Manager
Daniel Simoneau
Production & Maintenance Manager
Dave Neiman
Production Manager
Kevin Bourassa
Logistic Manager
Alexandre Pepin
Gerant Soutien Client
Ing. /Eng. Ali Heidari
Project Manager
Anthony Proust
Project Development Manager
Aurelia Rechain
Purchasing Project Manager
Julie Lantagne
Program Manager Leader
Linnan Yu
Purchasing Strategy Manager
Louis Martin Mba
Industrialization Project Manager
Lucie Larose
Directrice Des Opérations, Pièces Et Service
Manuel del Valle
Electro Mobility Service Project Manager
M Sghaier Pmp, Cpi
Service Project Manager
Mireille Bilodeau
Senior Project Manager
P. Eng Renzo Montanez
Reliabilty Project Manager
Stephanie Mazile
Customer Project Manager
Veronika Joos
Project Manager Quality
William la Rock
Quality Assurance Project Manager
Linda Essiane
IPS Buyer - Operations & Investment