Oklahoma City Thunder


Founded in 2008, the Oklahoma City Thunder has developed into an NBA franchise with strong fan, corporate and community support throughout its home state and around the globe.





Clayton Ike Bennett

Danny Barth
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
Sam Presti
Executive Vice President & General Manager
Brian M. Byrnes
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Christine Berney
Vice President, Community Engagement
Scott Loft
Vice President, Ticket Sales, Member Services & Business Intelligence
Dan Mahoney
Vice President, Broadcasting and Corporate Communications
Will Syring
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Hakeem Onafowokan
Vice President, Corporate Legal
Tyler Lane
Vice President, Technology
Ann Smith
Vice President Of Experience & System Design, Basketball Operations
Jesse Gould
Vice President Of Strategy And Analysis
Amanda Green
Vice President / Team Counsel & Strategic Alignment
Wynn Sullivan
Vice President Of Strategy And Design
Michael Zubach
Creative Broadcast Lead And Thunder Films Director
Pete Winemiller
Senior Vice President, Guest Relations