Cindy Reese

SVP, Worldwide Operations at Oracle

Cindy Reese is Senior Vice President, Worldwide Operations. Ms. Reese joined Oracle in 2010, when the company acquired Sun. Before that, Ms. Reese was with Sun for more than 10 years, where she was Senior Vice President for Worldwide Operations, responsible for running Sun's supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics programs, which were recognized by the industry for delivering high-quality and cost-effective product execution to Sun's global customer base. While at Sun, she held numerous leadership roles, including Senior Vice President for Systems Operations, Vice President for Storage Operations, Vice President for Scalable Systems Manufacturing Operations, Vice President for High End Operations, and Executive Lead for the StorageTek integration. Overall, Ms. Reese's career spans more than 25 years in operations, with experience in procurement, strategic materials management, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.



  • SVP, Worldwide Operations

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