Judi Stadler

Director, Clinical Services at Para Los Niños

Prior to joining Para Los Niños, Judi worked at Hollygrove, the Los Angeles division of EMQ FamiliesFirst, as an Associate Director over the Outpatient and Therapeutic Behavioral Support Services (TBS). In this role, Judi helped the region develop a school-based program providing Mental Health services to seven LAUSD elementary schools. Often schools were the place where symptoms and behaviors were identified and played a large role in the referral process to mental health services. Her focus was on developing strong collaboration between the therapists, parents, principals, and teachers and decreasing the stigma of mental health services. In addition, Judi helped the Outpatient program with its Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) transformation which incorporated Evidenced Based Practices into the program. As Director of School Age Services, Judi’s goal is to help integrate Mental Health Services into the charter schools by teaming with the principals, faculty, and families. By providing therapeutic support in the schools, she truly believes they can achieve the mission of Para Los Ninos. // Originally from Philadelphia, Judi did her undergraduate work at Temple University and moved to Los Angeles to attend USC School of Social Work where she received her MSW.


  • Director, Clinical Services

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