Sascha Vloet

Head of People & Operations at Polarsteps

Sascha Vloet's work experience begins in 2014 as a Project Executive at NRG Events, where they worked on various projects and provided support to the team. In 2016, they joined Deliveroo as an Expansion Associate/Operations Associate before becoming a Rider Supply Manager/Driver Manager. In this role, they were responsible for recruitment and onboarding across multiple cities in the Netherlands as well as launching the company in new locations. From 2017 to 2018, Sascha worked as a Corporate Recruiter at &samhoud. In 2019, they joined Polarsteps as a People & Operations Manager and later became the Head of People & Operations. At Polarsteps, they contributed to the development of a travel app and a digital map. Additionally, Sascha had a part-time job as a waitress and hostess at 't Vunderke Macharen & H32 Oss from 2007 to 2016. Finally, at Avans Hogeschool, they worked as a Peer Tutor in Financial Accounting, providing tutoring and creating training sessions for students.

Sascha Vloet has a diverse education background. In 2012, they enrolled at Avans University of Applied Sciences and completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. During their time at Avans, they focused on general business studies without any specified field of study. In 2015, they briefly studied at Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto, where they pursued a Bachelor's Degree in International Business. In 2010 and 2011, Sascha attended HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht), although the specific degree they pursued is unknown. Prior to their university education, they attended Maaslandcollege from 2004 to 2010 and attained the VWO (pre-university education) diploma with a specialization in Economics and Society.


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  • Head of People & Operations

    December, 2021 - present

  • People & Operations Manager

    January, 2019

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