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Org chart

Tooey Courtemanche
Founder, President & CEO
Steve Davis
President, Product & Technology
Steve Zahm
Chief Culture Officer
Dennis Lyandres
Chief Revenue Officer
Kevin Walker
Chief Security Officer
Benjamin Singer
Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
Joy Durling
Chief Data Officer
Paul Lyandres
EVP, Strategy & Corporate Development
Bill Fleming
SVP, Corporate Controller
Sandra Benson
Global Head of Industry Transformation
Jean Olivieri
SVP Global Marketing

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Michelle Elias
Learning Operations Specialist
Katie Coulston
Product and Technology L&D Business Partner
Michele Smith
Unknown Role
Garrett Wilson
Unknown Role
Maisha Cannon
Unknown Role
Cait Stern
Unknown Role
Scott Nyborg
Unknown Role
Ronnie Regev
Unknown Role