Carsten Kølbek

CEO & co-Founder at Rainmaking

Carsten Kølbek is the CEO and co-founder of Rainmaking, a global startup studio and venture fund. Carsten has a wide range of experience in business, from their early days as a co-founder of Greenwire Worldwide, to their more recent roles as a member of the advisory board for CostPartner and business development manager for VIA Travel. In each of these positions, Carsten has demonstrated their ability to think outside the box and create innovative solutions to problems. Their most recent venture, Rainmaking, is a perfect example of this, as it is helping to transform the way startups are created and funded. Carsten is a true visionary, and their passion for making things better is evident in all that they do.

Carsten Kølbek has an MBA from Nottingham University Business School, an EBA from Engineering College of Copenhagen, and a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from DTU - Technical University of Denmark. Carsten is also a certified lieutenant from Flyvevåbnets Sergent- og Reserveofficersskole and has a certification from Harvard Business School Online in Sustainable Business Strategy.

Some individuals on their team include Chris Locke - Partner & CEO, UK, Jordan Schlipf - Founder & CEO, Rainmaking Venture Studio, UK, and Andres Fontao - Finnovista Co-Founder & Rainmaking Partner, LATAM.



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