Craig McNally

Managing Director & CEO at Ramsay Health Care

Mr Craig McNally was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ramsay Health Care (Ramsay) on 3 July 2017, after serving seven years with Ramsay Health Care as Chief Operating Officer and 22 years prior to this in various roles including Head of Global Strategy and European Operations.

Mr McNally is one of Ramsay’s longest serving Executives having commenced with the Company in 1988. He was initially employed as a Hospital Executive in Ramsay’s Sydney-based mental health facilities, before taking over divisional responsibility for acute medical and surgical hospitals in the early nineties.

In 1995, he became Ramsay’s Head of Strategic Development, and for the last two decades has been responsible for the development and implementation of Ramsay’s growth strategy including brownfield expansions, international market assessments, mergers and acquisitions and new business strategies. As the Company’s chief negotiator and deal-maker he has been at the forefront of all the major acquisitions and deals completed by Ramsay Health Care. His unique ability to assess the opportunities and risks associated with new business ventures and to evaluate their ‘strategic fit’, as well as his sound judgement and insight, has ensured the Company’s successful growth both domestically and internationally.

In his role as head of Ramsay’s UK and European business, Mr McNally has been responsible for leading these teams through the challenging acquisition and merger phases and ensuring their successful integration with Ramsay Health Care and adoption of The Ramsay Way culture. His quiet but assured leadership style is well-respected throughout the organisation.

Prior to joining Ramsay Health Care in 1988, Mr McNally was an executive of a private hospital in Sydney following completion of a health administration degree at the University of New South Wales.

He is married with three children and an enthusiastic fan of football, baseball and rugby.



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