Michael Storey

CXO (chief Experience Officer) at RentSpree

Michael Storey has extensive work experience in various leadership roles in design and user experience (UX). Currently, they serve as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at RentSpree, overseeing the entire UX department. Prior to this, Storey had a long tenure at Amazon, where they held multiple roles including Head of UX Product Design and Research for Global Employee Services, Head of Product Management, Tech, and Design for Imaging Technology, Head of Prime UX Design, Head of Global Creative Services, UX and Software Development, and Head of European Creative Services. Before joining Amazon, Storey worked as the VP of Product Design at Whype, a digital communications and branding consultancy. Michael also held the position of Director of Product Design at Imperium, where they led UX, design communications, and software development teams. Earlier in their career, Storey worked as the Director of Design at Design Central and Domain, and as the Director of UX and Design at FWD Solutions. Michael began their career as an Art Director at The Idea Works. Overall, Storey has a wealth of experience in UX, design, and leadership roles, making significant contributions to various organizations throughout their career.

Michael Storey attended Brunel College from 1988 to 1992. No specific degree or field of study information was provided.


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  • CXO (chief Experience Officer)

    August, 2022 - present

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