Rimini Street


Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI) is a global provider of enterprise software support products and services, and the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products.






Seth Ravin
Chairman & CEO

Seth Ravin

Eric Helmer
David Rowe
EVP, Transformation
Brian Slepko
EVP, Global Service Delivery
Kevin Maddock
EVP, Global Sales - Recurring Revenue
Nancy Lyskawa
EVP, Global Client Onboarding
Kristen Cardinalli
VP Operations & Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief Client Officer
Glenn Groshans
Group VP, Chief of Staff - Office of the CEO
Brian Almas
SVP, Global HR
Gabe Dimeglio
VP, Global Security Services
Rachel Woodson
VP, Special Projects - Office of the CEO
Robin Weiss
VP, Oracle Application Support Delivery
Bill Carslay
Group VP, GM - Professional Services
Simon Philp
VP & Assistant General Counsel, APAC
Renee Wells
VP, Product Strategy
Kate Jones
VP, Global Demand Generation and Growth Marketing, Integrated Campaigns
George Goosen
VP Technology, Global Client Onboarding
Janet Ravin
VP, Marketing Brand, Content, & Communications
Michael Cannon
VP, Global Learning & Development
Michelle Davenport
VP, Global PJS Support
Matthew Bingham
VP, Global Recurring Revenue Sales
Gordon Smith
VP, Global SAP Support Delivery
James Hillier
VP, Security Intelligence & Center of Excellence
Vicky D’Amelio
Group VP, Business Solutions, Product Delivery
Lisa Miller
VP, Global HR Business Partners
Daniel Benad
Group Vice President
Bhanu Murthy Sattiraju
GVP, Rimini Manage
Tyler Munger
VP, Analytics, Global Operations
Cecilia Hsu
VP, Data Management & Governance Strategy
Beth Schnitger
VP, Global Proposal Management
Kevin Wion
VP, Global Revenue Operations
Bruno Faustino
VP, Head of Product, Unified Software Services
Shachar Koren
VP, Israel Support
Yusuf Abdul-Rehman
VP, Professional Services
Guy Guiffre
VP, Sales, Americas, West & Central
Barry Ghotra
VP, Security Innovation, R&D
Eneas De Lima Bernardo
VP, LATAM Service Delivery
Nick Bailey
VP, Sales, Australia & New Zealand
Douglas Reed
VP, Global HR Operations & Program Delivery
Keith Siegfried
GVP, Unified Service Experience
Martyn Hoogakker
GVP & General Manager, EMEA
Meyleen Beichler
Group VP, Global Marketing Operations
Saulo Bomfim
VP, Rimini Consult, Strategy & Centers of Excellence
Steve Davis
VP, Talent Acquisition & Contingent Workforce
Mike Hitsky
VP & Assistant General Counsel, Litigation & Competition
Coy Wright
VP, Energy, Utilities, & Resources Industry Solutions
Zeya Ottomone
VP, Salesforce Center of Excellence
Jill Brown
VP, Client Success, North America
Megh Risaldar
VP & Head, Human Resources, Rimini Labs, India
Anna Kostroun
VP, North America Marketing
Richard Noble
Group VP, IT
Darren Remblence
VP, Global Security
Desmond Whitt
VP, Advanced Technology Services
Prashant Tenkale
VP, Enterprise Applications
Armando Coles
Sales Director