Guido Rosso

Founder/CEO at Rive

Guido Rosso is an experienced professional in the fields of design and development. Guido began their career as a Freelance Designer in 1998 and then joined HomeLAN as a Lead Designer. In 2001, they founded RealitySlip Srl as Lead Designer and worked on proposals and project management for over 50 projects. In 2005, they joined Metaliq as Art Director, where they were the primary UX/UI designer on large projects for clients such as Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce. In 2008, they joined Archetype as Chief Creative Officer and Founder, where they designed and developed graphical user interfaces for mobile, desktop, and TV-connected applications and games. In 2012, they joined Intel Corporation (Intel Media division acquired by Verizon) as Creative Director. In 2014, they became Founder and Chief Creative Officer of SplitCell, where they were responsible for design of the custom game engine and tools as well as all audio production. Finally, in 2016, they founded Rive, where they currently serve as Founder and CEO.

Guido Rosso has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Arts New Media from Academy of Art University. Guido has also attended European School of Economics and La Sapienza University, though it is unclear what degree or field of study they pursued.


Previous companies

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  • Founder/CEO

    January 1, 2016 - present