Greg Fraser

Chief Product Officer at Rocketrip

Greg Fraser is the Chief Product Officer at Rocketrip. Greg has over 10 years of experience in product management and has held various leadership positions at Investopedia, Vertana Group LLC, and Huge. Greg has a proven track record of increasing customer base and launching new products. Under their leadership, HR Acuity’s employee relations management and analytics platforms grew 2X and received a $47M investment from a new primary VC investor. Greg also launched a new product that increased addressable users by 16X.

Greg is passionate about product management and believes in the power of data to drive decisions. Greg has introduced OKRs and data analytics to focus and align stakeholders on the highest priority goals. Greg is also a strong advocate of agile processes and has led the introduction of agile processes at Rocketrip. Greg has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Greg Fraser attended The Wharton School for their MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management. Greg also went to Pomona College and Tufts University.

Their manager is Dan Ruch, CEO & Founder. Greg Fraser works with Liam Moroney - VP, Marketing, Sandeep Chand - CTO, and Kathleen Roberge - CRO.


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