Sandia Corporation

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Sandia is a conducts research and development into the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons.






James S. Peery
Laboratories Director

James S. Peery

Brian E. Carter
Executive Director & CHRO
John Zepper
Information Engineering Executive Director & CIO
William S. Elias II
Executive Director, Chief Legal Officer & Secretary, NTESS, LLC
David Gibson
Deputy Laboratories Director & COO
Laura McGill
Deputy Laboratories Director, Nuclear Deterrence & CTO
Susan Seestrom
Advanced Science & Technology Associate Labs Director & Chief Research Officer
Steve Girrens
Associate Labs Director & Chief Engineer, Nuclear Weapons
Scott Aeilts
Associate Labs Director, Mission Services
Rita Gonzales
Associate Labs Director, Nuclear Deterrence Modernization and Future Systems
Andrew Mcilroy
Associate Labs Director, Integrated Security Solutions
Justine Johannes
Global Security Associate Laboratories Director
Jeff Heath
Infrastructure Operations Associate Laboratories Director