Maureen Gaige-Edwards

National Marketing, Brand, Website & Business Education Instructor at SCORE Mentors

Maureen Gaige-Edwards has a diverse work experience in various roles and companies. Maureen started their career as the Founder/Inventor of Bandabling, an international company that designs and sells pet products. In this role, they oversaw all aspects of the business, including manufacturing, marketing, and sales.

Maureen then worked as a Marketing Development Manager for Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, where they developed and executed business plans for a pain management drug. Maureen also played a key role in market research, product positioning, and creating reimbursement strategies.

After that, Gaige-Edwards served as the Business Development Manager in the Market Access Division of Meda in the US. Maureen developed market access strategies and educated healthcare professionals on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on the industry.

At Tasly Pharmaceutica Group Co., Ltd., Gaige-Edwards held the position of Director of Marketing, Sales & Commercial Operations. Maureen successfully launched company products and brands globally, working with different stakeholders and utilizing both digital and traditional marketing strategies.

Gaige-Edwards also worked as the Group Product Director at Leadiant Biosciences, where they led the refresh and re-launch of various brands. Maureen managed internal and external communications, ensured compliance with regulations, and oversaw ecommerce operations.

Maureen later joined Avalere Health as the Director of Corporate Marketing & Brand, where they introduced a stakeholder-centric marketing approach and implemented new product value propositions. Gaige-Edwards also led the strategy and content creation for a website redesign and achieved significant improvements in email opens, website traffic, and sales leads.

Additionally, they worked as the Founder of 8 Simple Steps, an online platform for teaching entrepreneurship, marketing, and brand strategies to small business owners. Gaige-Edwards created the curriculum and brought the classes online due to COVID-19.

Gaige-Edwards has also contributed their expertise as an instructor and mentor at SCORE Mentors, where they taught marketing, branding, website development, and business education.

Lastly, they worked as a Digital Marketing Course Instructor at Wharton Online. Gaige-Edwards developed a comprehensive curriculum focused on real-world experience and best practices. Maureen delivered engaging lectures, facilitated discussions, and received the highest student rating in the program.

Throughout their career, Gaige-Edwards has demonstrated strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a track record of achieving positive results in marketing, brand management, and business development.

Maureen Gaige-Edwards has a bachelor's degree in Business & American Studies from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Maureen also has a certification in Digital Marketing Strategy from The Wharton School. In addition to their formal education, they obtained an Inbound Certification from HubSpot in November 2013.


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  • National Marketing, Brand, Website & Business Education Instructor

    September, 2017 - present

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