We are a Native institution owned by more than 22,000 shareholders whose core Native values guide all that Sealaska does and represent





Org chart

Anthony Mallott

Dave McQueen
Sealaska Construction Solutions and Sealaska Constructors, General Manager
David Aldrich
Vice President
David Kostorowski
Sealaska Technical Services, General Manager
Jaeleen Kookesh
VP, Policy & Legal Affairs
Jeff Buske
Independent Packers, President
Jim Tuttle
Haa Aani, LLC, General Manager
John Gregg
Gregg Drilling, President
Kent Rasmussen
General Counsel
Leslie Frost
Sealaska Government Services, CFO
Phil Crean
Orca Bay Foods, President and Owner
Rich Mainwaring
EcoData Analytics, LLC, General Manager
Ryan Mackey
Orca Bay Foods, Chief Executive Officer
Terry Heikkila
Sealaska Remediation Solutions, General Manager
Matt Carle
Senior Director Corporate Communications
Don Phillips
Head Of Technology
John McConnell
Head Of Information Technology
Carrie Goltry Rorem
Chief Financial Officer
Maxwell McCullar Sphr
Human Resources Director
Kayla Roberts
Senior Shareholder Development Manager
Mary Desmond
Director Of Financial Operations
Paolo Casciotti
General Manager Marine Services