Sidewalk Labs


Sidewalk Labs is an Alphabet company tackling the challenges of urban growth. We are currently designing a new kind of mixed-use, complete community on Toronto's waterfront in partnership with the tripartite agency Waterfront Toronto and the local community. This joint effort, called Sidewalk Toront... Read more






Daniel L. Doctoroff
Chairman and CEO

Daniel L. Doctoroff

Marc Ricks
President & COO
Craig Nevill-Manning
Chief Technology Officer
Ray Mercedes
General Counsel
Carrie Denning Jackson
Director, Development
Eric Jaffe
Editorial Director
Shaina Doar
Head of Sidewalk Urban Systems
Alison Novak
Head of Sidewalk Urban Development
Tameka Vasquez
Head of Marketing
Karim Khalifa
Senior Director, Building Innovation
Jesse Shapins
Senior Director, Planning & Delivery
Nerissa Moray
Senior Director, Planning & Delivery
Darrell Hall
Director, Commercial Transactions
Brian Ho
Director, Customer Experience
Adam Marshall
Director of Digital Fabrication and Construction
Chris Sitzenstock
Director, Fabrication Lead
Tom Kennedy
Director, Hardware Engineer
B.H. Bronson Johnson
Director, Infrastructure
Willa Ng
Director of Mobility, Streets, Urban Systems
Tia Odeneal
Director of Sales
Siqi Zhu
Director, Planning & Delivery
Nick Jonas
Director, Product Design
Violet Whitney
Director, Product Management
Simon Brandler
Director, Public Policy Innovation
Kamil Kaczynski
Director, Total Rewards
Rachel Steinberg
Head of Mesa
Pam Soberman
Director, People Operations
Gregory Wetzel
Director, Legal
Jillian McCarthy
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Michael Malone
Associate Director, Finance, Payroll & Global Mobility
Mike Casale
Associate Director, FP&A
Krishana House
Associate Director, Talent