Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) is the world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things.





Org chart

Eric Rondolat
CEO & Chairman

Eric Rondolat

Olivia Ronghong Qiu
Chief Innovation Officer - Signify (formerly Philips Lighting)
Heinz Willebrand
Chief Evangelist Lifi Systems
Michiel Thierry
Chief Legal Officer And General Secretary
Johan de Fraye
Global Head Of Environment, Health, Safety And Remediation
Anahy Carbajal
Global Head Of Learning
Hsu Eunice
Head Of Finance
Tatiana Sudareva
Finance Director Of Professional Business Unit In Europe
Cees Schilder
Senior Cash Manager
Bob Wiertz
Controller Operations Signify VP
Abhishek Pal
Head Rtr, Growth Markets
Sergio Villalón Antuñano
Senior Vice President & General Manager Mexico And Central America
Brian Dibley
Vice President Of Sales - Midwest
Justin Cox
Vice President Of Sales
Mark van Zon
Chief Marketing Officer
Brian Friborg
Head Of Global Sales
Henrik Nørgaard
Commercial Lead Agriculture Lighting
Inna King
Head Of HR Emerging Markets - Professional Business
Jennifer Bihlmier Helias
Head Of Commercial Operations
Kristina Matic
Commercial Business Lead