Joseph Inzerillo

Chief Product & Technology Officer at SiriusXM

Joseph Inzerillo leads a team of 1,500-plus engineers, product leaders and technology professionals as they enhance SiriusXM's capabilities, create an even better customer experience, and drive scale. Inzerillo also oversees SiriusXM's Information Technology and Broadcast Infrastructure, along with the teams that design, build, and operate these platforms.

Inzerillo is a world-class media technology trailblazer with more than 30 years of experience developing and executing game-changing strategies across technology and digital organizations. He joined SiriusXM having most recently helped launch and lead all technology aspects of The Walt Disney Company's direct-to-consumer video streaming businesses, the fastest-growing streaming platform in entertainment. This included the technology, streaming, commerce, platform development and globalization of Disney+, ESPN+, Star+ and Hulu. Before Disney, he served as CTO and a founder of BAMTech Media, originally a Major League Baseball company. During his time with MLB and BAMTech, Inzerillo disrupted the multi-billion-dollar sports industry, helping revolutionize the way sports are consumed globally and ushering in the first over-the-top sports offering in, among other notable contributions, such as instant replay, wireless connectivity in all 30 ballparks, and Statcast to the broader sports landscape. BAMTech also powered some of the biggest names in media including HBO Now, WWE Network, Eurosport Player, Fox Sports and the NHL. In his roles across MLB, BAMTech, and Disney, Inzerillo has worked intimately with and overseen broadcast and satellite technology for both the MLB and NHL Networks.



  • Chief Product & Technology Officer

    January, 2022 - present