Mamta Carrol

VP & Regional Director, Asia at Smile Train

Mamta is Smile Train’s Vice President & Regional Director, Asia.

Mamta joined Smile Train in 2006 managing the largest program area in India. Currently she manages South Asia, Southeast Asia and MENA, comprising 19 countries. These are intricate, dissimilar and complex geographies with diverse socio-economic and cultural dynamics. Mamta has led Smile Train’s Asia team in extending both reach and impact besides creating sustainable programs, strategic partnerships and a deeper, broader integration of Smile Train’s engagements with multiple stakeholders.

Mamta was educated in India at Isabella Thoburn College and the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT). Mamta has also been trained in Reputation Management and Media Training with the Stern School of Business and Shandwick Inc.


  • VP & Regional Director, Asia

    Current role