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Org chart

Anand Agarwal
Group CEO & Whole-Time Director

Anand Agarwal

Paul Atkinson
CEO, Optical Network Business
Praveen Cherian
CEO, Global Business Services
Raman Venkatraman
CEO, STL Digital
Tushar Shroff
Group CFO
Anjali Byce
Group CHRO & ESG
Badri Gomatam
Chief Technology Officer
Gaurav Basra
Chief Strategy Officer
Sushil Agarwal
COO, Global Services Business
Pankaj Aggarwall
CFO, Global Services Business and Software Business
Binod Balachandran
COO, Optical Interconnect
Daniël Römer
VP Of Sales, North America
Ankit Agarwal
Managing Director
Binod Balachandra
Head of Optical Interconnect Operations
Rahul Puri
Head of MEA Business Development
Mark Hesling
Regional Sales Head, APAC
Samuel Leeman
PLM Head, Optical Interconnect
Ahmer Arsalan
Head Of Sales
Sanket Handa
Senior Product Manager