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NY, United States


Org chart

Dilip Vellodi
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew B. Zimmerman
President Sutherland Digital, Technology, and Media
Anju Talwar
Chief Solutions Officer
Ashok Jain
Vice Chairman
Doug Gilbert
CIO & Chief Digital Officer
James L. Lusk
Chief Financial Officer
John Abou
CEO, Technology Media and Communications
K.S. Kumar
Chief Commercial Officer
Matthew Collier
Chief Strategic Alliance Officer of Sutherland Global & CEO of Sutherland Health Solutions
Sanjeev Prasad
Chief Information Officer
Banwari Agarwal
CEO - Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
Harita Gupta
Head of APAC
Ranjit Pisharoty
Head of Global Service Delivery
Jim Dwyer
Chief Transformation & Innovation Officer
Ann Sun
Global Head of Marketing
Vartul Mittal
Digital Transformation Lead