Swiggy is India’s leading on-demand delivery platform with a tech-first approach to logistics and a solution-first approach to consumer demands. With love and support from consumers, Swiggy expanded far and wide, first through the entire city of Bengaluru and then across the entire country. Today, S... Read more






Org chart

Sriharsha Majety
Co-Founder & CEO

Sriharsha Majety

Vishal Bhatia
CEO, New Supply
Rohit Kapoor
CEO, Food Marketplace
Madhusudhan Rao
SVP, ConsumerTech & FinTech
Subhash Road-Agartala
Associate Sales Manager
Nitesh Garg
SVP Of Engineering
Mihir Shah
SVP, Head Of Delivery Operations and Delivery Products

Behind the scenes


Never Settle

We don’t settle. We constantly push the limits & have unreasonably high standards. We prevent problems, not react to them. We build a world-class team by hiring and developing the best. We get 1% better everyday and focus on the long term.

Move Fast, Break Barriers & Deliver Results

We acknowledge that speed is a competitive advantage and move with a sense of urgency. We care deeply about results. We hold each other accountable, and break barriers to deliver impact.

Do More with Less

We are resourceful and work elegantly around constraints. We are judicious in deploying the org’s resources to maximise impact. We always look for opportunities to simplify problems and counter complexity wherever we can.

Stand-Up & Disagree but Commit Fully

We build opinions thoughtfully and express them without fear. We actively encourage and take part in constructive criticism. Once a decision is determined, we commit fully.

Think Win-Win

We acknowledge that success isn't zero-sum and look for means by which our partners - whether delivery partners or vendors, can be successful with us. We solve problems by understanding each other's perspectives and then proposing win-win solutions

Display a Founder Mentality

We think Swiggy > Team > I. We take a long-term view of success and resist shortcuts. We are solution-oriented, not problem-oriented

Consumer Comes First

We are paranoid about consumer experience and measure success by consumer impact. from their needs. We spend time listening to and deeply understanding our consumers’ needs.

Be Honest, Display Highest Level of Integrity

We appreciate brutally honest conversations and believe in dispassionate truth finding. We feel no discomfort in justifying our actions internally and externally. When in doubt, we clarify and then act.

Always Be Curious, Always Be Learning

We ask the right questions and relentlessly chase the answers. We believe in learning continuously – whether from colleagues, competitors, or anyone else.

Be Humble

We are vocally self-critical, and acknowledge that we don’t always have the answers. We have strong opinions weakly held. We value ideas on merit, not hierarchy. We treat each other with respect