Founded in 2012, Lazada Group is Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform. With a presence in six countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – they connect this vast and diverse region through their technology, logistics and payments capabilities. Today, the... Read more






Org chart

James Dong
Group CEO

James Dong

Loh Wee Lee
CEO, Lazada Singapore
Kaya Qin
CEO, Lazada Vietnam
Yann Fontaine
COO, Thailand
Brigitte Daubry
Chief Customer Care Officer
James Chang
Chief Business Officer, Lazada Group
Marcus Chew
Chief Marketing Officer
Lillian Jiang
Chief People Officer
William Xiong
Chief Logistics Officer
Gladys Chun
General Counsel
Vanessa Seow
Head of Communications

Behind the scenes


Live Seriously, Work Happily

“Work is now, life is forever. What you do in your job is up to you, but you have responsibility to the ones who love you. Enjoy work as you enjoy life; treat life seriously as you do work. If you live with purpose, you will find reward. You make Alibaba different and make your loved ones proud. Everyone has their own view of work and life; we respect each person’s choice. Whether you live by this value depends on how you live your life.” -- Jack Ma

If Not Now, When? If Not Me, Who?

This was a tagline in Alibaba’s first job advertisement and became our first proverb. It is not a question, but a call of duty. This proverb symbolizes the sense of ownership that each Aliren-Lazadian must possess.

Today's Best Performance Is Tomorrow's Baseline

In Lazada’s most challenging times, this spirit has helped us overcome difficulties and survive. In bad times, we know how to motivate ourselves; in good times, we dare to set “dream targets” (stretch goals). Face the future, or we regress. We must shoot for the moon, challenge ourselves, motivate ourselves and exceed ourselves.

Change Is The Only Constant

Whether you change or not, the world is changing, our customers are changing and the competitive landscape is changing. We must face change with respect and humility. Otherwise, we will fail to see it, fail to respect it, fail to understand it and fail to catch up with it.

Trust Makes Everything Simple

Trust is both the most precious and fragile thing in the world. “Our Story”, to keep only “Aliren and Lazadians” is a story of building and cherishing trust. Complexity begets complexity, and simplicity breeds simplicity. Lazadians are straightforward – what you see is what you get. With trust, there is no second-guessing or suspicion, and the result is simplicity and efficiency.

Customers First, Employees Second, Shareholders Third

This reflects our choice of what’s important in the order of priority. Only by creating sustained customer value can employees grow and shareholders achieve long-term benefit.