SyBridge Technologies


SyBridge Technologies builds and integrates tooling and mold companies to create technological solutions that provide value-added design, production, and technology solutions, as well as supply chain and logistics, suppliers, IoT cloud, mobility, life sciences, tech and services, and consumer servic... Read more





Byron J. Paul
Chief Executive Officer

Byron J. Paul

Andy Aiton
Vice President Of Sales
Brian Schantz
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Bryan Belanger
Chief Information Officer
Franklin McClelland
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Stremmel
President - Mobility And Industrial Solutions
Mark Rauth
VP of Program Management
Tim Gossett
VP, Software Engineering
Pat McCusker
President, Fast Radius, a SyBridge Technologies company
Randy Clausen
Chief Human Resources Officer
William McDonough
President, Life Sciences Division
Andrew A.
Director Information Technology Infrastructure
David Nolan
Vice President of Engineering
Linda Bartman
Chief Growth Officer
Robert Bott
President - SyBridge Digital Solutions
Karsten Reilly
Sr. Cost Analyst Engineer, CNC & Metal Fabrication At Sybridge Digital Solutions
Madison Hoare
Marketing Specialist
Travis Russell
Marketing Consultant, Content & Product