Synopsys, Inc., is the leading company by sales, in the Electronic Design Automation industry. Synopsys' first and best-known product is Design Compiler, a logic-synthesis tool.





Org chart

Aart de Geus
Chairman & co-CEO
Deirdre Hanford
Chief Security Officer
Jan Collinson
Human Resources and Facilities Officer
Jason Schmitt
GM Software Integrity Group (SIG)
Joachim Kunkel
GM Solutions Group, Corporate Staff
Rick Runkel
General Counsel
Sriram Sitaraman
Chief Information Officer
Shankar Krishnamoorthy
GM, Electronic Design Automation Group
Erika Varga Mcenroe
SVP, Deputy General Counsel
Antonio Varas
Chief Strategy Officer
Raja Tabet
SVP, Custom Design and Manufacturing Group
Alessandra Costa
SVP, Customer Success Group
Sujit Kankanwadi
SVP, Finance and Chief Accounting Officer
Lisa Ewbank
VP, Investor Relations
Michael Sanie
SVP, Enterprise Marketing and Communications
Dave Reed
Senior Director of Marketing
Shekhar Kapoor
Senior Director of Marketing
Ravi Subramanian
GM, Systems Design Group