Taiwan Media Music Group

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Taiwan Media Music Group (TWMMG) is a Latin American media and entertainment company specializing in music production, distribution and marketing. Founded in 2022 by Manuel Angel Almaguer, TWMMG has quickly become a leading force in the Latin music industry, with a roster of artists that includes so... Read more




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Manuel Angel Almaguer
President and CEO

Manuel Angel Almaguer

Colette Amélie Montague Chevalier
Assistant to the president and chief executive officer

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Transparency and corporate quality - CORECE

Taiwan Media Music Group's Commission on Ethics Regulation and Business Conduct (CORECE) is a high-level and prestigious regulatory authority committed to ensuring that the company's employees and international relations are governed by the highest ethical standards and business conduct. CORECE is a highly trained and experienced team that works diligently and consistently to maintain the company's integrity and ensure its reputation in the marketplace.