Ken Evans

Managing Director, Accelerator at Tampa Bay Innovation Center

Ken is a product strategy and technical marketing executive with both venture-backed startup and Fortune 50 senior management experience. He has held marketing, product development, business development, and operations positions at Compaq Computer (now HP), NYNEX (now Verizon), and several technology start-ups in industries including data and network security, managed services, and digital media distribution.

Beyond his work on individual products, Ken has been actively involved in setting policy, direction, and adoption of a number of industry-wide initiatives including:

Standards for system management (WBEM)

Secure digital music/media (SDMI)

Secure wireless (IEEE 802.11i)

Ken has been a featured speaker at industry events targeted at government, enterprise and small business IT, and security professionals. He was the co-founder of Tampa Bay’s first full-time coworking space (IdeaField) and has helped lead a number of government and grassroots community efforts to help mature the local tech ecosystem including BarCamp, Ignite, Hillsborough County’s #EDI2 program, Hillsborough County Hack-a-Thon, StarTec IdeaCamp, and others.


  • Managing Director, Accelerator

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