Nicholas Barrett

Vice President, Customer Experience (cx) at Tanger

Nicholas Barrett has a diverse work experience in the retail and real estate industry. Nicholas started their career in 2005 as a General Manager at Lightstone, where they focused on real estate management and increasing lease revenue. In 2010, they joined Simon Property Group as a General Manager.

In 2011, Nicholas joined Tanger Outlets as an Area General Manager and Regional Marketing Manager, responsible for overseeing marketing and operations at multiple locations. Nicholas was later promoted to Senior Director of Marketing, and then to Assistant Vice President, Marketing, where they played a key role in marketing strategy and execution.

In 2021, Nicholas became the Vice President of Marketing - CX & Loyalty at Tanger Outlets, leading marketing efforts in customer experience and loyalty. Nicholas continued to excel in their role and was promoted to Vice President, Commercial Planning & Localization in 2022. In this role, they are responsible for commercial planning, retail programming, and localization strategies, utilizing a data-driven approach.

Throughout their career, Nicholas has demonstrated expertise in marketing, commercial strategy, loyalty programs, data analysis, and diversity & inclusion. Nicholas'sexperience and skills make him a valuable asset in the retail and real estate industry.

Nicholas Barrett has a diverse education history. In 2021-2022, they completed a Professional Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University. Nicholas holds a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics from the Cameron School of Business at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington, although the specific years of enrollment are unknown. Nicholas also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from The Wharton School, although the duration of their studies remains unspecified. Nicholas holds a Professional Certificate from Harvard University, but the field of study is not provided.

Furthermore, Nicholas Barrett has pursued various professional certifications. Nicholas obtained the CMD (Certified Marketing Director) certification from ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) in June 2013. Additionally, Nicholas has attended the John T. Riordan School of Professional Development to obtain an ICSC Marketing II certification in Marketing.

Regarding their undergraduate studies, Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences from Tulane University, although the exact years of enrollment are not specified. Nicholas also completed an Associate of Arts degree in Business at Tulane University. Lastly, they obtained a Bachelor of General Studies degree in Humanities from the University of Louisiana Monroe; however, the specific years of enrollment are unknown.

Please note that there may be further educational experiences or certifications not provided in the given information.


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  • Vice President, Customer Experience (cx)

    October 1, 2023 - present

  • Vice President Commercial Planning Localization

    January, 2022

  • Vice President Marketing CX Loyalty

    January, 2021

  • Assistant Vice President Marketing

    July, 2017

  • Senior Director Of Marketing

    July, 2014

  • Area General Manager Regional Marketing Manager

    May, 2011

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