Theodora Petrovich

Chief of Staff at The Farmlink Project

Theodora Petrovich has always been driven to help others. Theodora started their journey as a tutor at The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp, where they worked with students of all backgrounds and abilities. Theodora then became a chamber choir member at COLLA VOCE OF THE SIERRA, using their love of singing to bring joy to others. Finally, they found their calling as Chief of Staff at The Farmlink Project, where they are able to use their skills and passion to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Theodora Petrovich has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Princeton University and a high school diploma from Placer High School.

Theodora Petrovich reports to James Kanoff, Co-CEO. Some of their coworkers include Emma Worth - VP, Development, Claire Rider - Policy Lead, and Elina Lingappa - DEI Co-Lead.


  • Chief of Staff

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