Ujval Gandhi

Analytics Liason at The Farmlink Project

Ujval Gandhi is the Analytics Liaison at The Farmlink Project. Ujval has over five years of experience in analytics and customer upsells. Ujval was previously the Senior Director, Customer Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at The Great Courses by The Teaching Company from August 2016 to January 2021. There, they managed a team of three managers and fifteen analysts. Ujval was responsible for providing the leadership in the architecture, technical design and enabling data integration at scale using Hadoop and Amazon AWS architecture; provide oversight for the output of the team ensuring the highest quality work, transparency and predictability of releases, estimates and team velocity, and ensure adherence to the agile principles to facilitate customer value and time to market.

They work with Eliza Inder - People Operations Lead, Aidan Reilly - Head of Partnerships, and Luis Yepiz - Chief Procurement Officer. Their manager is James Kanoff, Co-CEO.


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