Olivia Zhao

Head of Research at The Org

I am Olivia, the Head of Research at The Org. My utilmate goal is to support and guide my team to help The Org build the most comprehensive and accurate database of company org charts in the world. Before joining The Org, I was an Information Security Analyst at Australia and New Zealand Bank, working in the Cyber Security space. I was responsible for fulfilling Governance, Risk and Compliance requests from local regulatory authorities and building interactive dashboards to visualize highly complex Cyber Security data to highlight operational performance and risk posture for internal stakeholders. I moved to New York City from Australia in 2020 and came across The Org. I was immediately drawn to the mission of The Org to make organizations more transparent and could not be more excited to join the team in pursuit of that mission. Here is a bit more information about myself ------------------------------------------------------------ What’s my definition of success: My definition of success is ending each day knowing that I have given that day the very best version of myself and that I have experienced or learned something new. My communication style: Upon reflecting, I believe that I am a mix between a Functional and Personal communicator. As a Functional communicator, I like to communicate my ideas in a logical and sequential way. My aim is to translate my ideas across to my audience in a very digestible format. As a Personal communicator, I really value active listening. I believe that one can gain a lot more from a conversation when they actively listen to what someone else has to share. Qualities I value: Empathy, Diligence, Resilience, Accountability and Transparency. Pet peeves: Inconsiderate, Closed-minded and Narcissistic. What do people misunderstand about me: People often think that I am an extroverted individual. But in reality, I consider myself an introvert. As much as I enjoy socializing with people, I really value alone time. Alone time helps me recharge my energy level so I definitely try to prioritize that in my day to day life. Fun fact about me: Before moving to the US in late 2019, I have lived in China, Singapore and Australia. Through living in different countries, I have learned to be more adaptable and open-minded. I enjoy learning about new cultures, languages and trying new experiences that is unique to the local environment.
Company start date: April 2020
Role start date: October 2020
Location: 118 Spring Street, New York, United States
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