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Private Equity




Org chart

Guo Xiao
President and CEO
Erin Cummins
Chief Financial Officer
Rebecca Parsons
Chief Technology Officer
Dave Whalley
Chief Information Officer
Chad Wathington
Chief Strategy Officer
Joanna Parke
Chief Talent & Operating Officer
Julie Woods-Moss
Chief Marketing Officer
Sai Mandapaty
Chief Commercial Officer
Martin Fowler
Chief Scientist
Ramona Mateiu
Chief Legal Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
Chris Murphy
Chief Executive Officer, North America
Caroline Cintra
Regional Managing Director, Latin America
Marta Saft
Managing Director, Brazil

Co-Managing Directors, China

Co-Managing Directors, Spain

Kristan Vingrys
Regional Managing Director, APAC
Patrick B. Sarnacke
Managing Director, UK
Peter Buhrmann
Regional Managing Director, Europe

Co-Managing Directors, India

Wong Wen Shun
Managing Director, Southeast Asia
Elise Zelechowski
Global Head, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Sustainability and Social Change
Alexey Boas
Managing Director, Chile
Rachel Laycock
Global Managing Director, Enterprise Modernization, Platforms and Cloud
Mayur Wadhwa
Managing Director, Germany