Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Tunku Abdul Rahman University College is a distinguished institution of higher learning acknowleged locally, nationally and globally for its excellence in providing opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional development.





Org chart

Lee Sze Wei

Lee Sze Wei

Chook Ka Joo
Vice President
Ka Joo Chook
Vice President
Say Sok Kwan
VICE President
Sok Kee Kho
Vice President
Loke Chui Fung
Vice President
Wong Hwa Kiong
Vice President
Lim Bee Ling
Chief Librarian
Yap Hon Lun
Head, Iser
Kwang Chit Hwa
Director, Communication & Information Technology Centre
Chng Loi Peng
Director, Centre For Continuing & Professional Education
Choo Shyh Chin
Director, Department of Facilities Management
Puan Koh Eng Lee
Director, Department of Admissions & Credit Evaluation
Chan Yoke Ying
Director, Department of Human Resource
Puan See Gim Ling
Senior Executive
Puan Tan Kar Yen
Senior Executive
Cik Leong Mei Jean
Manager, Internal Audit
Encik Chan Yee Hang
Legal Manager
Cik Gan Ee Ping
Internal Audit Executive
Monna Ong Siew Siew
Associate Professor