Unicode Consortium


Unicode provides a unique number for every character, no matter what the platform, program, or language is.





Org chart

Toral Cowieson

Mark Davis
CTO & Co-Founder
Anne Gundelfinger
VP, General Counsel
Jennifer Daniel
Chair, UTC Emoji Standard & Research Working Group
Andrew Glass
Chair, CLDR Keyboards Subcommittee
Rick McGowan
Chair, Infrastructure Committee
Fraser Gordon
Chair, UTC Text Terminal Working Group
Ken Lunde
Technical Director & Emoji Subcommittee Vice-Chair
Craig Cummings
UTC Vice-Chair
Peter Constable
Technical VP, Chair, Unicode Technical Committee & Chair, UTC Release Management Group
Liang Hai
Vice-Chair, UTC Editorial Committee
Eiso Chan
Vice-Chair, UTC CJK & Unihan Group
Richard Gillam
Vice-Chair, CLDR Person Name Group & Vice-Chair, ICU Technical Committee
Manish Goregaokar
Vice-Chair, ICU4X Working Group
Robert Bastian
Vice-Chair, ICU4X Working Group
Deborah Anderson
Technical Director
Roozbeh Pournader
Technical Director
Catherine Christaki
Greek Translator And Vetter
Maria Luna Cuberta
Catalan Linguist
Dr Ken Lunde
Author, Unicode Technical Note #50
Nazanin A.
Unicode® Consortium-member