Luc Barthelet

SVP, Technology at Unity

Luc Barthelet is the SVP of Technology at Unity. Luc has also previously served as the Executive Director at Wolfram Alpha, LLC from December 2010 to May 2014. Prior to that, they were the VP Tech, Studio GM, etc. at Electronic Arts (EA) from January 1987 to December 2008.

From May 2014 to December 2018, Luc Barthelet served as the Captain at Makena. During their time there, they circumnavigated and accomplished much more. From May 2008 to November 2010, they were the CEO at Tirnua. Luc was also the CEO/Founder of Tirnua until it was acquired by rockyou in November 2010.

prior to that, Luc Barthelet was the President and CEO at Version Soft, Inc from January 1984 to February 1988. Luc was a top worldwide developer for the Apple ][ and launched a top seller word processor on the Apple ][ in France. Additionally, they wrote the first mouse-based spreadsheet in France (VersionCalc) and won the 1984 Pomme D'Or. VersionCalc was bundled with the Apple ]c for two years in France. Barthelet was brought to work in the US by Apple in 1985 to work on Apple //gs prototypes. While there, they launched 4 key software products, including the Finder. Luc also wrote the first color paint software for the Mac (Studio8), which led to the acquisition of Version Soft by [Electronic Arts (back then a productivity company). Barthelet also launched Studio1 and Studio32 on the Mac during their time at Version Soft.

Luc Barthelet is an engineer who specializes in mechanical engineering. Luc attended the Ecole spéciale des Travaux publics, du Bâtiment et de l'Industrie and holds certification from Coursera in machine learning.

Some of their coworkers include Skip Joyce - Chief Business Protection Officer, Carol Carpenter - Chief Marketing Officer, and Anthony Blackburn - VP, Legal. Some individuals on their team include Charles Migos - VP, Product Design, Sylvio Drouin - SVP, Innovation. Luc Barthelet reports to John Riccitiello, CEO.


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