University of Idaho

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As the flagship university of the State of Idaho, the university continues a long tradition of growing the next generation of innovators, leaders, and thinkers in the state. Just minutes away from the forests, rivers and lakes of northern Idaho, Moscow is home to more than 24,000 residents and a wid... Read more





C. Scott Green

Nicolle Martinez
VP, Membership
Anna Saythavy
VP, Marketing & Communications
Jacob Aanes
VP, Finance
Rebecca Churchman
VP, Development
Yvonne Sertich
Director, Executive Education
Eric Anderson
Interim Director
Savanna Pagel
Assistant Director Employer Relations, Outreach & Development
Amber Gray
Assistant Director, Employer Relations, Events & Operations
Jason M. Nierman
Interim Director, Administrative Staff
Jeremy Barron
Associate Director, Events & Conferences
Jason Ballester
IT Support Technician
Rand Zacharias
IT Support Technician
Theresa Allen
Senior Instructor
Rio Spiering
Photographer & Videographer
Alissa Korsak
Communications & Marketing Strategist
Ben French
Mike Love
Jen Goodwin
Associate Director, Career Advising Services
Amy Petit
Career Consultant