University of Nebraska


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a public research university located in Lincoln, Nebraska





Org chart

Rodney D. Bennett

Michael Zeleny
Chief of Staff and Associate to the Chancellor
Josh Davis
Chief Of Staff & Associate to the Chancellor
Marco Barker
Vice Chancellor Diversity and Inclusion
Michael Boehm
Vice Chancellor Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dee Dee Anderson
Vice Chancellor
Debra Hope
Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean, Graduate Education
Amy Goodburn
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean, Undergraduate Education
Jim Coll
Chief Communication & Marketing Officer
Derek McLean
Dean, Agricultural Research Division
Lance Pérez
Dean, Engineering
Shari Veil
Dean, Journalism & Mass Communications
Tiffany Heng-Moss
Dean, Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Dean, Architecture
Mark Button
Dean, Arts & Sciences
Kathy Farrell
Dean, Business
Charles Stoltenow
Dean, Cooperative Extension Division
Andrew Belser
Dean, Hixson-Lied Fine & Performing Arts
Elizabeth Lorang
Interim Dean, University Libraries
Nick Pace
Interim Dean, Education & Human Sciences
Jessica Herrmann
Director Of Government Relations