Joel Seligman

Chief Communications & Marketing Officer at University of Vermont

Joel R. Seligman is Chief Communications and Marketing Officerat the University of Vermont, where he oversees the institution’s Office of Strategic Communications including university-wide communications, marketing, digital and creative teams.

Joel believes a university’s brand is its most valuable asset and that the brand is formed and reinforced in the minds of stakeholders by the actions and communications of everyone at the institution. Every office, department, program, center, institute and college is a dynamic player in UVM’s brand “ecosystem.” And, as with all ecosystems, a change in one area at UVM can impact the whole organization, positively or otherwise. Together with the entire campus, Strategic Communications aspires to make the ecosystem robust and resilient, so that the UVM brand will thrive.

Joel’s prior experience includes communications roles in five comprehensive research universities with global reach: Cornell, Boston University, Chicago, New Hampshire, and Maryland. Joel also spent three years as vice president and senior consultant at Maguire Associates, the Boston-based higher education consultancy. As part of the firm's marketing practice, he worked closely with more than a dozen colleges and universities, leading projects and advising their executives and governing boards.


  • Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

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