Urban & Civic

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Urban&Civic strives to be a best in class property company which crafts strategic land sites and commercial developments.





Org chart

Nigel Hugill
Chief Executive

Nigel Hugill

Myron Osborne
Chief Executive, Catesby
David Wood
Group Finance Director & Company Secretary
James Scott
Group Director of Strategy & Planning
Nigel Wakefield
Development Director – Strategic Land
Philip Leech
Property Director – Commercial
Richard Coppell
Group Development Director, Strategic Land
Richard Hepworth
Director of Project Management
Robin Butler
Managing Director (Chair)
Caroline Foster
Development Director
Rebecca Britton
Communities, Communications and Partnerships Manager
Rebecca Smith
Communications, Communities And Partnerships Manager
Pete Francis
Director Of Financial Planning And Reporting
Ian Farmer
Director Of Project Management
Jack Williams
Associate Director Of Project Management
Paul Mumford
Project Director
Richard Quartermaine
Head Of Sustainability
Paula O'Brien
Operations Manager
Andy Brading
Head Of Estates
Richard McMullen
Senior Project Manager
Rocío Ruiz de la Chica
Associate Project Manager